Micro 5-pin Smartphone OTG Connect Kit

Micro 5-pin Smartphone OTG Connect Kit
It's easy to underestimate a cable that is barely 18cm in length.

Well, at least I did.This cable lets you plug any USB device into a micro 5-pin device- most of the Android smartphones in the market.

And with that, a whole new world of smartphone-to-device communications open up. Here's a few I've tried so far.

1) Connect to USB Flash drives or External Hard Drives

Unlike an OTG Flash drive, I can use this cable to transfer files to any flash drives I have. No more storage problems on the phone.

2) Connect to a Mouse

A cursor magically appears on the phone screen. You can now deploy your units in CoC with ultimate precision.Clash of Clan Screenshot
3) Connect to a Keyboard

You can now challenge your friends to a typing contest, and win everytime. Similar to the mouse, once you plug in your physical keyboard, the Android OS automatically detects it.OTG Android Keyboard
4) Connect to a Card Reader
The one key benefit of this is I can easily transfer photos from my DSLR camera which uses an SD Card into my Instagram.
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