About Us

Tech-a-Porter (TaP) aims to bring you the best selection of electronics, gadgets and techie stuff that we curate from all over the world. We set very high standards for the products that occupy our shelves.

1) Form & Function - As much as we love novelty, we are also a pragmatic bunch. If it looks great but fails to scratch any itches we have, it doesn't get listed here at TaP. And novelty usually wears off after some time. We expect our selections to stand the curious stares of subway crowds, while withstanding the test of time.

2) Reputation - It has to come from manufacturers with some reputation for quality. Of course, every great designers have to start from scratch, and in such cases we will put a disclaimer.

3) Authentic - Good artists copy, great artists steal. Today, many artists are dying of famine because of irresponsible factories stealing their ideas and flood the market with cheap replicas. We are concern about the famine, and we ensure all products are originals.

What about price? If a product fits the criteria above, it usually don't come really cheap.  So, kindly seek professional financial advisories if you have problem controlling your impulses. Again, some of our products won't necessarily won't burn holes in your pockets. That's economy of scale at work.

If you have any products you think fits the description above, let us know.